24 January 2014


Twenty one years ago today my father died suddenly, just a week before our son was born.
Today, our buyers from hell again failed to exchange and as a result our house sale is off!
After checking if assassins advertise in 'yellow pages' (they don't) I thought, let's have something nice.


  1. HeHe! Not more rain....! :).
    Though l do like Morcombe and Wise's version of this!
    (very funny).

    Let's hope the house thing sorts out soon....
    In the meantime...."All together now".......
    I'm singing in the................

  2. Oh dear... what a pain!! At least you won't have to see them again though! And what a shame your father never got to really meet your son... Sending hugs for a happy weekend, sploshing in puddles maybe. Hugs Cass x

  3. My husband died 11 weeks after our Granddaughter was born, he was in hospital follow a transplant so he never got to meet her either. So sad.
    My Mum had buyers from Hell when she sold her house. They kept backing off, demanding a price reduction, before they would sign. They never got it and Mum sold to a lovely young couple in the end. So fingers crossed for you.
    Hugs x

  4. Very sorry to hear of sadness past and present
    I hope that all goes well for the future
    Best wishes

  5. So sad to read this, hoping that things pick up for you. Moving house is sucha pain.

    1. Thank you, I think it comes pretty high on the stress graph.

  6. It must have been so hard loosing your Dad so close to when your son was born. So sorry to hear about your buyers pulling out almost at the last minute. I hope another buyer will appear quickly . Sarah x


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