9 September 2013

♥ ted and bunny...

If for some strange reason you don't already know the ted and bunny blog, can I point you in that direction?
It's a lovely very genuine blog of gentle and amusing posts set in the Dorset countryside.
I'd been reading ted and bunny for some time and suddenly realised I'd known them for years through their ebay auctions site of the same name where they have interesting items for sale.
The woolly dog blog had been mumbling around in the dark for a year, people were reading it but who they were I didn't have a clue. Then the lovely ted and bunny blog recommended the woolly dog to their readers, suggested enabling comments and making it available to follow, and now... it has some lovely people out there who take the time to visit and comment, so...


  1. OOh I LOVE you both....Like you Ted and Bunny was one of me first blogs to fall in love with...Black berry hugs Maria x

  2. I know her personally through fairs that we attend and can confirm that she is as lovely, funny and witty as her blog ... !

  3. I have known Miss Bunny for several years now & adore her blog of course!!! Lizzie x

  4. oh, but thank YOU (she says with a gentle blush) I have so much enjoyment from your posts, I just wanted everyone else to enjoy them too!


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