1 August 2013

Feeling hot hot hot...

It feels like the hottest day of the year today. As you come out of the door it's like that blast of hot air when you step out of the plane, not the wet heat of some countries but that dry heat, as though you've walked into an oven.

I said out loud 'feeling hot hot hot' and laughed, because it took me back to a holiday travelling in Mexico where the little guy looking after us asked how I was feeling and I found myself replying "feeling hot hot hot" to which he burst out laughing. You see the whole time we were there they played the same two tunes over and over; 'Feeling hot hot hot' by The Merrymen and 'Going loco down in Acapulco' by The Four Tops, both big hits then.

Funny what you remember... so in memory of that, it's two for the price of one today.

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  1. Thanks for that little memory hogger, it made me smile! Lizzie


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