28 May 2013

Time for tea...

painting - Christian von Schneidau


  1. one of my all-time favourite paintings!

    Just came over to say thanks for your comment on the "sanitary pocket"!
    I feel a bit embarrassed not to have realised it was something so simple.

    I do love your blog, its so cheery and fresh. is there any way I can follow it the old-fashioned way? I haven't actually figured out other ways to do it (unless you direct me)
    love, thicko me :(

    1. Listen, this is the blind leading the blind here, as to following my blog, that would fantastic, god knows who does at the moment, I know on the right hand side it says 'subscribe to the woolly dog blog' but I've no idea what that does (frightening isn't it that they allow someone like me to blog!) I know blogger offer 'google + followers' and 'google + badge' and 'follow by email' but I haven't put any of those, maybe I should, I would be very embarrassed if no body joined or whatever, very 'billy no mates' that would be! I usually have the blogs I read saved and just click on them. Any advise from bloggers gratefully received! lol ♥


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