12 May 2013

Gerald Brockhurst...

Dorette 1933

Several years ago I attended an exhibition of paintings and etchings by the English artist Gerald Leslie Brockhurst, and the picture above is the one I fell in love with. The Dorette of the title was Brockhurst's young model Kathleen Woodwarde, whom he renamed Dorette and with whom he had an affair. In 1939 he left his wife Ana├»s and moved to the United States with Dorette, where he died in 1978. In his lifetime he painted over 600 portraits, many of famous people such as Marlene Dietrich and the Duchess of Windsor, but of all his portraits this is the one I would steal, unfortunately it's owned by the Harris museum and Art Gallery, Preston, Lancashire, UK where I'm sure it's very carefully guarded.


  1. I love this artist to very much :) xXx I will have to pop to the museum to see it

    1. Perhaps you could steal it for me? ♥


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