3 February 2013

Knitting Tartan...

So... I don't usually ramble on about the things I make
and let's be honest, it can't be as interesting as my 'tales from the village'
which is filled with dead bodies, crime and gentlemen dressing up as Margaret Thatcher,
but I thought some gentle souls out there might be interested.

Having spent a couple of weeks knitting nothing but children's 40's style berets, part of my...
     'lets stop going off in all directions and concentrate on making just cushions, hats and woolly dogs'
I really wanted to knit something different,

Thought I'd like to knit a tartan cushion, so looked around for inspiration and realised I didn't have to look far... there was the old tapestry cushion I'd made years ago. 

It had taken about 3 years to make, and had been in a French craft magazine I'd had no way of translating, unlike today, when I could scan it into a computer. The colour chart was of no use, so I took the picture with me and spent an hour umming and ahhing trying to match the colours to anchor tapestry wools. 

I really like this tartan pattern, or plaid as they call it in the US

so started to transfer the pattern to graph paper

unfortunately I've had to take a few liberties with a couple of the colours, but
 really couldn't justify buying more wool when there are boxes of it all over the place... 

not happy with the light colour it's definitely wrong,           
but that's what happens when you can't wait until daylight to start knitting! 
It's a slow knit... I think this cushion will be having a plain back.

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