23 February 2013

A friend in need...

Gretel Parker

Other people have written far better explanations of the way in which we can help a lovely lady by the name of Gretel Parker after her tragic loss, so I am sure they will not mind if I show an excerpt here if it can help.                                                 
But please read Gretel's post after which I'm sure you will understand why people want to help and have organised this amazing raffle.  
Gretals post -  Gretel has so bravely written about it here                                                    

If you can, please buy a raffle ticket for the chance to win one of the fantastic prizes donated by people, tickets are only £1 each.

The full raffle details are here: Funds for Gretel.

The following was written by Julie Williams of little cotton rabbits - http://littlecottonrabbits.typepad.co.uk/

If you follow crafting blogs or are a reader of Mollie Makes magazine you will no doubt have come across the awesome and enchanting work of Gretel Parker. Gretel original worked in 2 dimensions as an illustrator but then branched out into three dimensional needlefelted pieces. It is clear to anyone seeing her creations that her beautiful and unique style of working, amazing attention to detail and her mastery of needlefelting skills were just meant to come together and it's not surprising that her creations are much sought after and have been featured in publications around the world.
Gretel and her partner Andy lived for many years in the Cotswolds but a few months ago they moved to Shropshire and were just beginning to settle into the process of making a new home in what they called 'Bodge Cottage'. But on January 21st of this year, just a few short weeks ago, Gretel had to face the most heart breaking tragedy. I don't feel right in writing the details because it is not my story to share but Gretel has so bravely written about it here, please go and read her words and pop back here for details of how you can help if you wish to.
There are many people around the world who admire Gretel, not just for her creativity but also for her outlook on life and her appreciation of simple living and simple pleasures. Suzanne is one such person and she and Tara have set up a page in an attempt to raise funds to help support Gretel as she tries to come to terms with her grief and to try to help her keep her home in this awful time. Her long term friend Natasha has written a post here and I'm sure there are lots of others trying to spread the word as far and as wide as possible so that people can help if they would like to. If you feel able to spread the word on any social media then please do so.
Gretel herself would never be one to go cap in hand to anyone, she is a survivor of previous tragedy having lost both her parents as a child, but strength alone will not pay her bills. If you would like to help then you can do so here...
Thanks for reading x

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